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allie2827rstame asked:

Hey. Stop saying you're not a hero when you are. You save many many people without realizing it including me. And if you think you're a nobody, you're the awesomest nobody I've ever seen. thank you. -Alicia


I’m not a hero. I know I’m not because I haven’t saved anyone, they all saved themselves.

All I do is talk, you alone are accountable for what you do after watching one of my videos.

You wouldn’t blame Marilyn Manson if someone killed themselves in response to the lyrics in his songs… so why would anyone say the lyrics in his songs saved someone? They’re just words, powerless words that only cause real change when someone takes action. Whatever action that is, is on the person who commits it.

Again, I am no hero. I am just another person who talks to a camera.

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